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About Tic Tac You

We put a twist on a time honored classic – tic tac toe!

Now you CAN play this free game with your friends and family featuring pictures instead of the standard X and O’s.

Tic Tac You is a tic tac toe game starring YOU!

with anyone or anything as your opponent. Tic Tac You – tic tac toe is an easy strategy game that can be played by the whole family. Tic Tac you – tic tac toe is so
simple fun and kids-friendly game, anyone can play! To begin a game, take a snap shot of yourself, others
or objects with our in app camera or use existing photo’s from your camera roll. Use it as is or use the warping feature and turn it into a hilarious master piece. You can play multiple games at once, or use the “Pass and Play” option. Search for friends via Game Center and let the fun begin
Parents vs kids
Your cat vs a friends dog
Brother vs sister
Grandma vs new grandchild
Vacation pics
School dance pictures
Your favorite photos
Random pictures
Go ahead, warp a picture of a family member from your camera roll. We know you want to use the picture you promised to delete! Who can take the most unique photo?
Tic Tac You – Tic Tac Toe is great for when you are waiting for an appointment or on a car trip. Pass
your iPad or iPhone to your children or a friend featuring a game starring them!
If you don’t want to use a photo you can choose classic “X’s” and “O’s” or pre-loaded characachers.
Tic Tac You never gets old because there’s always a great new shot.

Download it today from the Apple App Store!